Closet Organization: 4 Easy Steps for Beginners

If you have not worn it in a year, it is safe to say that the item may need to be donated.

Well New England, we are experiencing our first snow fall this season and we should make the most of this day at home. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to keep your closet in great shape.

1. Season Swap

It is good to swap out your clothes from the previous season and replenish your closet with clothes that best fits the current season. Feel free to utilize space saving bags to store these clothes.

2. Try on Clothes

During the season change, it is a good time to try on clothes to see what still fits and what may not. You can donate these clothes to someone who will appreciate these items.

3. Donate!

My golden rule is, If you have not worn the item in a year, you should donate the item. This may exclude specialty items such as items that are only to be worn on special occasions not attended often. This is a rule that you may tailor for yourself (maybe it can be if the item has not been worn in 1-2 years - depending on the item). There are local bins to donate clothes or organizations that pick up items on your porch.

4. Organize Remaining Clothes

At this time, you should take the time to organize your clothes. Many decide to organize it in categories, by color, or a healthy mixture of both.

Get Inspired

It is always a good idea to search terms like 'closet organization' on Pinterest to get some cool ideas on how you can organize your closet. It is common for people to keep items in their closet that can be better utilized by others in their community. There are many charities and shelters that would be more than willing to take these items. Those who donate can also receive a form for tax deductions.

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